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Q. Does the league allow ride share for players?
A. No - ride share is not offered or allowed.

Q. If I'm chosen as a Manager - Does my child count as a saved player?
A. Yes - He or she counts towards the number of saved players you can have in that division.

Q. If my children happen to be in the same division - Will they be on the same team?
A. Yes - If they are not saved by a manager - children of the same household will be drafted together.

Q. Can my child play down? or stay in this division for one more year?
A. No - Players must stay in the designated birth range. Extreme unique cases may be reviewed by the board. 

Q. My child's friends all move up one division. How can he/she move up one division to play?
A. The only way a player can play up is to be saved by a manager in that division.

Q. My child wants to play with his friend. Can I request they play together?
A. The only way to ensure players play together is to be saved by a manager in that division.

Q. I wish to be an assistant manager. Can I request practice times and players?
A. No - Only Managers have the ability to save players and set practices.

Q. When will I get contacted by the coach?
A. Generally towards the very end of March

. When will practices start? and games.
A. We can officially take the fields from the city for practice April 1st. Games could start May 1st.

Q. Do practices run on certain days or random days?
A. Practices are set by the manager of the team - could be any day of the week. Generally, practices are 4:30pm or 6:00pm during the week. Anytime on the weekend.

Q. Do games run on certain days or random days?
A. Games could be any day of the week. Younger divisions typically have earlier time slot. Game times are 6:15pm or 8:15pm during the week. 4:15pm and 6:15pm on the weekend. 
T-Ball teams are generally played in Washington. Maybe in Marthasville if they form a team. T-Ball is scheduled 10 games. All other divisions are scheduled 14 games. 7 home and 7 away.  

Q. How long will the season last?
A. Depending on weather/make up games etc. Roughly our season ends 2nd week in 

Q. My child is being saved by a certain manager. There's no place to add information in. How do I make sure it happens?
A. Only the manager can save players (add information). When we pull his form. Your child's name will be on there. Just fill the form out as a normal player and we will pair them up.

Q. Are metal cleats allowed?
A. Only in the boy's divisions of Juvenile and Junior. Girl's division of Debutante. Please note that metal cleats are not allowed at Ronsick Field.

Q. Can you explain divisions?
A. Coach Pitch - Atom and Pixie
Machine Pitch - Bantam 1 and Petite 1
Kid Pitch - Bantam 2 and Petite 2  

Q. How much is it to sponsor a team and information?
A. $350.00    Contact Chris Hahne @ [email protected] 

Q. Interested in Umpiring? Must be past the 7th grade.
A. Contact Kelly Nash @ [email protected]

Q. Interested in working concessions? Must be past the 7th grade.
A. Contact Tricia Ford @ [email protected]

Q. Is there a place to leave commentary when we sign up online? 
A. No - we do this mainly for a couple reasons.
1.) Trying to accommodate 700+ player's parent's wishes would be impossible.
2.) Gives the signee a false sense of something happening but it most likely won't or can't.

Q. My child is playing up a division. I don't see an option to play her/him up?
A. There's not an option for this. Simply sign the player up as normal. The manager's form will have the player's name as a saved player on their form. This is how we know to pair them up.

Q. What equipment do I need to provide?
A. Glove
Proper shoes. (Some of the very younger divisions use normal shoes)
Pants (Some of the very younger divisions may wear shorts on hot days)



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